Effortless creativity in presenting fresh organic ingredient based meals, paired with flavorful wines that drives captivating conversations around the dinner table is what Carline’s Fork & Cork Simply Delish! provides individuals, who are looking for a unique culinary experience, that brings together a fusion of culturally rich and identifiable ingredients from Jamaica, Scandinavia, Asia and in between.  Moving from Jamaica to the US as a child, Carline grew up in the most Scandinavian state in the union – Minnesota.  And unplanned as most of her life’s journey, she married a native Swede who desired to travel the world with her.

They first experienced together a return trip to Carline’s birth place Jamaica which she hadn’t stepped foot on since departing the island 21 years earlier.  This journey and the travels to come thereafter are inspirations behind Carline’s cooking style, turning food ingredients into works of art both pleasing to the eye and equally tasteful to the palette.  Making all things simply delish! is the goal of her mosaic culinary inspirations.

What are people saying about her?

“I love the confidence and flare for which Carline boldly presents her recipes to me and the passion for which she speaks of this endeavor. For me, those two qualities are the first measure of a chef.” –David Fhima, Chef.

“If a delightfully exquisite experience for your palette is what you crave then Carline’s kitchen is where you need to be. The moment you arrive you are greeted by her beautifully presented table adorned with a calculated beauty to complement her meal. Any meal prepared by Carline is not only delicious but it is a visual feast for the eyes. You should arrive hungry but prepare to leave with a fulfillment that can only be satisfied by the love and attention to detail she uniquely provides.” –Dawn Holtz

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